Making silver jump rings for tiny antique keys

Making my own heavy sterling jump rings for little antique keys today....trying the chopstick technique! 

Ready for soldering.


Lura said...

I've had this bookmarked for at least a year and would like to try it however, I do not have all the tools. Do you sell them? What gauge wire did you use and do they have to be soldered or can you just squeeze them closed

SToNZ said...

Thanks for your question! I do not sell tools, but you can find all sorts of jump ring making pliers and jigs on jewelry tool websites. (Try Rio Grande) I like heavy wire, but you can use any size you prefer. I always solder my jump rings so there's no risk of them opening up. If you buy pre made heavy jump rings (also available from Rio and a zillion other suppliers) the rings will be harder silver and you might me able to get away with not soldering. Just remember to always open jump rings with a twisting motion rather than pulling apart, so the alignment stays true. Good luck!

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