Lake Erie Beach Stone Charm Bracelets

I returned from my last visit to an antique show with a handful of glorious old heavy sterling silver chains. This means it's time for some new SToNZ "charm" bracelets.
Process pics show the drilled stones before during and after lining the holes with hand wrought sterling silver tube rivets. Heavy jump rings link the stone charms to the chains and are soldered closed. After some filing, sanding, oxidizing and buffing, they are ready to go!
Oh to wear a whole wristful of these at once.


Lakeview Cemetery Cleveland, Ohio

Perhaps it was the beautiful weather, or maybe it was thoughts of my mom, gone now for 8 years, but something compelled me to visit Mayfield Cemetery this week to place a stone on my mom's grave.
I do this several times a year when I feel the need to talk to her. This week I decided to also pay a visit to the vast and idyllic Lakeview Cemetery right next door.
I had in mind that I wanted to go to President Garfield's tomb, which I had not visited since grade school. Little did I realize that he died on this date in 1881. Serendipitous.
There are also many other well known people buried at Lakeview, and I thought I'd see what I could find there. The Haserot Angel is a well known sculpture which as it turns out, was quite easy to locate. I did it all without a map. I'll have to go back as I missed many highlights.
Some of my photos from this visit. Enjoy.

Tiffany window, Wade Chapel

Tiffany mosaics, Wade Chapel