Appreciating Vignelli

I discovered the work of the iconic designer of all things perfect, Massimo Vignelli while attending art school in the 1980's. Instantly I became a Vignelli Groupie.

You know his work. It's become a part of our national consciousness. His Wiki page is here.

I know I have reached the end of another year when I have come to the last page on my Vignelli designed Stendig calendar and it's time to hang a new one.
"If you can design one thing, you can design everything." - Massimo Vignelli
I have had one on my wall ever since 1980. Each year I try to wean myself, but I am hooked.
1987 painting silk scarves in my attic studio  photo: Michael Nalley

Almost time for a new one.

Yes, I met him in 1983. Did I mention, I am a groupie?!

I am ready!

2010 interview

"Vision, courage and determination will bring you where you want to go. Without them, it would be a miserable life." - MV


cindy said...

Me too! We put one on the brick wall over the desk of our son's apartment last year. Need to replace it, thanks for the prompt!

SToNZ said...

Hope you can find one, Cindy!

Ann Hartley said...

Crate and Barrel always carried them. What an amazing vision and talent.

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