Blue Pebbles?!

Today I found a handful of blue colored stones.
Very intriguing.

If you have any idea what I have here, please comment below.
I'd love to know what they are.


Anonymous said...

Well, they are different. I know so little about the different stones. I am tempted to say there may have been some contact with copper. Waiting for a knowledgeable soul to come along with the real answer.

As for putting them all on a bracelet, well, perhaps a single could be reserved for a necklace for some appreciative soul....

zJayne said...

Why do I get the idea that Ms. Anonymous is an "appreciative" soul! *smiles*

I am not sure what these are either, I too have some from finds... I think when I described them to an engineer at the office he thought they were a bi-product of some kind, but I must bring them in for him to see.

It is a amazing..and they are neat-o.

LEBG might be a source of information...hope she sees this too. I'd like to know myself!

Oh and... SToNZ, you rock! ha!


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