Drilling Beach Stones

Some days everything goes as planned, some days not. 
I can already tell which sort of day today will be.

Update: The day just went from bad to worse! This lovely little stone survived the drilling and the riveting...but after the rings were all soldered and ready to go, I noticed a crack! Aghhhhh! A crack!  Guess I'll be keeping this one for myself.
Just Whistle Keyring

Just Whistle Keyring

Thank goodness something finally went right today!


Marcus Berkner said...

Hi Susan!
*jumps up and down and waves*

jewelstreet said...

Oh, man! I hate those days. How's it go.. somedays you're the windshield, somedays you're the bug.

You do some marvelous work!

Gaynor Mann said...

Love these pieces! Glad you were able to get one to work!

SToNZ said...

Yeah, guess I was a bug today!

Hi Marcus!

OakGem said...

Hang in there! You're doing awesome. Love your work!

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