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"Write Everything Down Necklace"
inspired by the short story Valentines by Shira Lipkin

Sterling silver handcut and stamped heart charm fitted with brass grommet and hand formed stamped sterling pendant. Accompanied by an aqua colored authentic sea glass from Cornwall, drilled and hung from an 18" long Sterling silver ball chain.

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Auction ends November 8. Proceeds go toward supporting the Interstitial Arts Foundation. IAFAuctions.com is part of the fundraising arm of the Interstitial Arts Foundation, a not–for–profit organization dedicated to the study, support, and promotion of interstitial art.


Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups said...

This piece is beautiful!!

Ellen Kushner said...

Thank you, Susan, for your generosity in contributing this amazing necklace to our auction! I'm really happy that you were inspired by Shira Lipkin's *Interfictions 2* story to make something so beautiful.

More interstitial fiction free online here: http://www.interstitialarts.org/projects/annex.php

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