Mom! I shook his hand!

©2009 Smartwork Studio, Inc.

©2009 Smartwork Studio, Inc.

Cleveland, Ohio February 26, 2007 ©2009 Smartwork Studio, Inc.
It was the first of three times we heard him speak in our town. Many folks we knew weren't really sure who he was. My 17 year old daughter had read both of his books from cover to cover and was adamant about going to the rally. We got there early, stood in line for hours, and eventually found ourselves less than 10 feet away from the platform. The crowd was exuberant. The Shaw High School marching band was rocking in the stands...the speech was inspiring...and afterward I lost track of my daughter as she worked her way through the throngs to get closer to the promising senator from Illinois.
A short time later she found her way back to me.
"I shook his hand, Mom! " she exclaimed giddily.
"And I'll be 18 just in time to vote for him!"

Good luck Mr. President. We're pulling for you.


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