Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Holy beach stones!!
Look what I found in my newspaper this morning!

This is just too exciting. A great article all about etsy
(now I don't have to try to explain etsy to everyone...I can just show them this!)
I get a little PD love here.
Also featuring a few of my fellow Cleveland Team buds:

The stars must be aligned or something.
Happy day!


Karin said...

Many congratulatory bows to you :) and great photo, too!!

Kimberly Monaco said...

yay! congrats to all of us! how exciting, did you get a newspaper yet? your photo looks so good!

Anonymous said...

Susan, (from Barb Palumbo - Carol Nursery School)
What a surprise to find your face in the paper Wednesday. I was thinking of a gift to send my daughter Beth, who used to babysit for your girls, and there were pictures of the perfect gift. I had a feeling if I waited I'd lose out and it looks as if I will have to wait until next week for earrings for her. Congrats to you!! Hope all is well with the girls. Barb

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