Play the Font Game!

This would have been a huge hit in my typography class in art school.
If we'd had the internet.
If we'd had computers.
OK, I am old. Not quite as old as Helvetica, though.

Another great time waster created in Joutseno, Finland by Kari Pätilä.
Try your hand at identifying 34 typefaces. It's a new game (just released a few days ago!) and he has plans to add fonts and make a version for your iphone. (He can take his time on that, as getting an iphone is not happening anytime soon for me!)
Can you make it into the Hall of Fame?

Be a fontgeek.
Click here to play.


kathy said...

omygoodness, i knew i liked you!! a fellow font lover ;)!

Aparelho de DVD said...
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